No matter how many years you’ve been dealing with improperly installed drainage, bare spots that constantly erode, or squishy areas the family avoids…Cardinal’s experienced, licensed professionals can provide a lasting remedy. In fact, we know the physics of water so well that we’re called on to advise building engineers. You see, the average home channels 800+ gallons through its gutters with every inch of rain that falls. And all of it threatens your home foundation and the longevity of your outdoor living areas. If your drainage systems are not installed correctly first, nothing else can be built to last. Which is why we reroute downspouts, utility pipes and more to restore your property’s full potential. From retaining walls, regrading, sump pumps, to piping and drains, we’ll remove moisture mistakes -- and give you back your entire yard.

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Hardscape Pavers
Spectacular patios entice you outward. Walkways simplify your paths. Steps, fire pits, water features and free standing walls soften your outdoor oasis. Whatever you want to do in the nature all around you, we can build your vision perfectly. Read more here.
Landscape paver wall and patio
Surround your senses with color and texture that satisfies. Planned with a long-term vision, and planted professionally, a Cardinal landscape creates a sense of rhythm and harmony that adds value to any home. Read more on our Landscape Solutions here.
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