Do you want an outdoor breakfast nook? A stimulating place to work? A quiet haven of relaxation, or a place to lay back and stargaze together? Or do you wish you could use far more of the land you pay a mortgage for every month? Whether it’s bringing the butterflies close, or keeping intrusions far away, we’re focused on outdoor hardscapes that cure drainage challenges, delight your senses, and amaze you with a renewed sense of possibility every time you step outside. We’re simply a more conscientious and creative contractor, committed to designing hardscapes in colors that accent your house, give you a wider space to enjoy, and an atmosphere of breathing room around every eye-catching curve. We welcome you to expect more from us. Because ultimately, not only are we providing a better platform on which to gather for celebration and relaxation…we’re building joy into the life of your home.

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Landscape paver wall and patio
Surround your senses with color and texture that satisfies. Planned with a long-term vision, and planted professionally, a Cardinal landscape creates a sense of rhythm and harmony that adds value to any home. Read more on Landscapes here.
Beautiful sod and paver walkway
Moving water away from your foundation is paramount to the long-term stability of your home and outdoor living areas. That's why it's our specialty. Show us any drainage challenge, and we'll show you a life of ease. Read more on our Drainage Solutions here.
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