Whether you’re wanting wider sweeps of color, greener turf, less textural chaos, fewer play-hazards, or more privacy, Cardinal can accomplish your dream. Even better, we’ll help imagine it with you…including form, function and feasibility. Far beyond installing plants and applying mulch, we work with your natural environment to minimize maintenance and maximize seasonal color. To add value, encourage access, and provide a more complete fulfillment of your resale, recreation, retirement or relaxation goals. Best of all, we can do the underground drainage work, grading, hardscapes and walkways that let you call on one yard partner, instead of multiple contractors for anything outdoors. When we take on your yard, we intend to create a new space in your heart. A retreat that brings what you really love…into a place you won’t want to leave.

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Hardscape Pavers
Spectacular patios entice you outward. Walkways simplify your paths. Steps, fire pits, water features and free standing walls soften your outdoor oasis. Whatever you want to do in the nature all around you, we can build your vision perfectly. Read more here.
Beautiful sod and Paver walkway
Moving water away from your foundation is paramount to the long-term stability of your home and outdoor living areas. That's why it's our specialty. Show us any drainage challenge, and we'll show you a life of ease. Read more on our Drainage Solutions here.
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